General terms

1) Scope of services of the Platform

1.1. Platform — is an electronic catalog of announcements offering the services of Users on the Platform (”Announcements”), the purpose of which is to establish contact with a potential Guest who is interested in renting accommodation. Users can be both individuals and legal entities; property owners or their representatives (hereinafter also referred to as the „Owners”). Representatives of the legal entity guarantee that they have the authority to bind the company on behalf of which they act, the terms of this Agreement.

1.2. A person who wishes to reserve a Lodging, as well as who has placed a request and made a reservation of Lodging via the site, is called the „Guest”. The services of the Hosts may include the rental of places to live or other premises (”Housing”), as well as other services related or not related to travel.

1.3. provides a catalog of announcements and does not own, does not sell, does not resell, does not control, does not offer, does not provide and does not provide any Ads or Services of the owners, nor does it manage, as well as is not a travel organizer or seller of travel packages.

1.4. The owners are solely responsible for their Services, as well as for the study, understanding and compliance with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to their Ads and Services. The owners are solely responsible for collecting the necessary information and obtaining all licenses, permits or registrations required to provide the Services. The proper payment of taxes related to the rental of housing is the responsibility of homeowners.

1.5. Users of the platform are required to follow legislative standards regarding the rights to dispose of premises and comply with the legal rights of third parties, as well as the rules and regulations of public order and business ethics.

1.6. is not a party or other party to any contractual relationship between the Users, nor is it a real estate agent or insurer, nor does it act as an agent of the Users. Relations on the subject of rental housing arise directly between the Host and the Guest. The platform is not a third party in such relations, does not control the parties and, accordingly, is not responsible for compliance with the terms of rental housing. The User agrees that the Platform is not responsible for any losses or damages resulting from the conclusion of the transaction. Any claims for the operation of housing can only be made to the Owner, and not to the Platform.

1.7. The platform is not the owner of the real estate offered by the Users, or a representative of the management company, therefore, the User (owner) is solely responsible for the relevance of the information, the quality and condition of the rental housing.

1.8. The user of the site guarantees that he is an adult and capable natural person or an authorized representative of a legal entity. Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to use All information and information that Users provide must be reliable, accurate, current and must not violate the law and the rights of third parties. The platform may request documents or information from Users for identification or confirmation of authority.

(2) Transfer of materials and information and their processing

2.1. The user guarantees that all the information and contact information for communication (e-mail, phone, etc.) provided by him is relevant, accurate and truthful. By submitting his contact information, the User gives his unconditional consent to the storage, processing and use of his contact data. The processing, storage and use of personal information voluntarily provided by the Users themselves is carried out by the Platform solely in order to ensure the proper service of the Users, including newsletters by e-mail.In turn, the Platform agrees to maintain the confidentiality of the User’s personal information and not to disclose it to third parties without the User’s personal permission in writing.

2.2. The user, transmitting information materials for publication on the Site (original photographs of the premises, descriptive text, etc.), confirms that he thereby transfers to the Platform the exclusive right to use these graphic and information materials at the discretion of the Platform, in any form that does not contradict applicable law. The right to use is not limited by territory and time, and is transferred by the User by default at the time of the transfer of materials. The methods of using the materials of Users include the following:

  • publication on the Site, editing materials;
  • archiving of materials in order to include them in databases, copying and storing materials on any information media and storage devices, combining with other information materials;
  • display and reproduction in any form, transfer of materials in the desired manner using any media and their distribution using existing media;
  • modification and processing, reduction, addition and change of raw materials;
  • Transformation of information for use in mobile devices;
  • photo processing; translation of images from color to black and white and vice versa; reproduction in computer memory, in the memory of a mobile cellular communication system, other reproduction;
  • use of photographs as illustrations of information materials and announcements of the Site;
  • other actions necessary for the appropriate and efficient use of data on the Site.

(3) Housing ads

3.1. To promote the Platform and increase the viewing of Ads by potential Guests, Ads and other user-generated content can be displayed on other sites, in applications, in emails, as well as in online and offline advertisements. To help Users speaking different languages, Ads and other User Content may be fully or partially translated into other languages.

3.2. In order to improve the quality of services and the level of guests' confidence in the Platform, the Platform responds to any complaint of the Guest and tries to take possible measures depending on it to eliminate the problems that have arisen. The platform without fail collects feedback from the Guests, as they are a tool for monitoring the adequacy of the Announcement and screening of unscrupulous Hosts. The platform welcomes honest reviews and impressions of the Guests about the Housing. The guest agrees to display only real facts in his reviews. The opinion expressed should be objective, honest and informative.Racist and aggressive remarks, insulting remarks, threatening, insulting morality, slanderous, propaganda of hatred and / or discrimination of people on racial, ethnic, gender, social and other grounds of violation of rights are strictly prohibited and not allowed.

4) Booking process, payment

4.1. Announcements on the rental of housing with a description of the living conditions, placed in the Catalog on the Platform, are a public offer. Upon receipt of a booking confirmation from the Platform, subject to the following conditions, the offer is considered accepted, and the Guest and the Host enter into a direct contractual relationship, which may be governed by additional conditions by the Host, including cancellation policies, and other rules and restrictions specified by in booking.

4.2. To accept the offer, the following conditions must be met:

(1) The Guest and the Host have agreed on the conditions and terms of the stay, the rental price for the entire period, a non-refundable deposit (deposit), a security deposit for the preservation of property (security deposit), settlement, additional services (cleaning, internet, utilities).

(2) The owner has confirmed the reservation and rental price.

(3) The rental price is paid in accordance with the conditions of the reservation, about which the Host receives a notice from the Platform. If such notification is not received, then the agreement between the Host and the Guest does not enter into force and, as a result, the stipulated obligations of the parties do not arise.

4.3. In case of technical problems with the water, heat and energy supply systems in the Housing, or in the building in which the Housing is located, or for other reasons beyond the control of the Host, the Platform can offer the Guest a replacement of the Housing with a similar option, notifying the Guest within a reasonable time by all in accessible ways (which the Guest reported in advance).

4.4. The amount to be indicated on the reservation includes the total rental price for the agreed number of nights, the final cleaning cost, and a security deposit. Other services (such as the Internet, regular cleaning), equipment of the Housing with additional equipment are agreed upon by the Guest additionally when booking. The obligation to pay utility bills for rented housing is separately negotiated upon booking and, as a rule, depends on the length of stay.

4.5. A guest who has received a confirmed reservation through the Platform is obliged to pay it within the time stipulated in the reservation (usually 24 hours). Reservation unpaid within the indicated period is canceled on agreed terms.

4.6. A security deposit (security deposit) is paid without fail as a payment provided to ensure the safety of property and rental housing. A security deposit is paid by the Guest immediately upon check-in.

4.7. The guest is hereby informed that the confirmed reservation of the Housing is a limited permit to enter the Housing, to stay in it, as well as its use, provided by the Host for the period of paid stay. During this period, the Owner or his authorized person retains the right to visit the Housing within the framework of the requirements of the current legislation and in agreement with the Guest.

(5) Conditions applicable to all reservations

5.1. The guest agrees to vacate the lodging no later than the check-out time specified in the rules of residence, or other time specially agreed upon when booking. If the Guest stays in the Housing after the agreed departure time without the consent of the Host, the Guest loses the permission to stay in the Housing, and the Host gets the right to force the Guest to check out by any means within the framework of the law. In addition, at the request of the Host, the Guest agrees to pay for every 24 hours that exceed the period of stay, an additional fee per night in the amount of up to two daily rates for booking to cover the inconvenience caused to the Host.A security deposit may be used to pay the fees for the excess of the stay.

5.2. The guest agrees to leave the Housing (including furniture, household appliances and other property located in the Housing) in a clean form and in the same condition as at the time of check-in. The Guest is responsible for their own actions and inaction, as well as for the actions and inaction of the persons invited by him and those to whom he has granted access to the Housing, excluding the Host, as well as any persons invited to the Housing by the Host.

(6) General

6.1. The user confirms that he has read, understood and agrees with the conditions set forth in this Agreement. Using the services of the site, the User confirms his full agreement with the terms of this Agreement. If you find the terms of this Agreement unacceptable, you can stop using the site.

6.2. The platform reserves the right at any time to amend this Agreement in accordance with this provision. In case of amendments to this Agreement, the updated Agreement is published on the Platform with the date of the last update at the top of the first page of the Site Rules.